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Maps of the world from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Wide screen maps. Just use it!

Explore the earth in 3 different world maps: Google Earth Maps, Bing Maps and MapQuest. Use multi map to open a particular place simultaneously in the 3 maps.
You can also explore that place only in the map that you prefer, individually. Insert the place you want and press 'Go!'...

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Aerial View

Here you can find three different maps in the same website. It can be very useful when you want to see a specific place as close as possible. For instance, sometimes you are trying to see a satellite image of your house, but the satellite map you are using online, don't show it close enough. In this multi maps website you can compare 3 different maps to decide which one better show the location you want.
It can also be useful to compare maps in the "road view". Sometimes a map don't show the names of roads and places as you would expect for a specific area. Then, you can use this website to check how other maps show those labels and choose the one that you prefer.

When you first get to this website all maps show a view of the whole world. You can get to a place by using the search boxes or by using the zoom tool.

Search options:
  • Multi Search - To zoom to the same place in all the 3 maps, simultaneously, use the search box at the top left and press "Go!"
  • Individual Search - To zoom to a place in only one map, use the search box located at the top right of the map you want (inside the black box of that map), and press "Go!"

Zoom: You can zoom in and out by using the wheel of you mouse (In G.Maps you also have to press the "Ctrl" key). Alternatively you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom.

Road View: Initially all the 3 maps are set to "satellite view", but you can change any of them to "road view" easily, at anytime.
Other Features: In Bing Maps you can go directly to the place where you are, by clicking in the "⊚" button. In Bing Maps, for some cities, you have another view option that is called "Bird's Eye View" (make sure the zoom is close enough to be able to get this option).

Switch between maps: At the top of each map you have links to the other maps to easily switch between them.

Latitude and Longitude: If you need the coordinates of a place please use the link provided at the top right.

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